ASM GT Series Reinforcement Bar Production, Manufacturered by Succeed Sports

February 3, 2010 by Aaron in ASM

I had a chance to see what goes into production of an ASM GT Tower Bar and I just wanted to share what goes into production of one. The topic of price often comes up but it hard to truly understand the reason behind it without some information.

All ASM GT Series Reinforcement Bars are hand-made in Japan by Succeed Sports. Succeed Sports is led by Ichikawa-San who is the chief engineer of the record setting ASM Tsukuba Special Time Attack Car. He was also a race engineer at Mugen before the M-Tec transition and was involved with JGTC projects such as the Mugen Takata Dome NSX. Each GT Front Tower Bar is hand made by a master craftsman at Succeed Sports from high grade stainless steel from Japan. All the torched colors and marks have been left naturally by the process of hand bending by torch or welding by hand. They’re not simply color treated for show. The entire manufacturing process of each bar takes 4 hours so only 2 can be produced per day. Many ASM GT series bars hold design patents to protect their innovative designs.

  • Stan
    January 8th, 2010 / 15:35 PST

    Nice blog Aaron!