J’s Racing C304 SUS Stainless Exhausts – Product Announcement

March 9, 2010 by Aaron in J's Racing

J's Racing C304 60RS SUS Exhaust SystemJ's Racing C304 60RS SUS Exhaust System Inner SilencerJ's Racing C304 60RS SUS Exhaust System Stamp

J’s Racing has just introduced their line of C304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems. Based on data collected from the FX Titanium exhaust systems the C304 line uses Stainless Steel in an effort to reduce costs and improve durability. The mufflers and tips feature polished finishes with burnt blue accents. The C304 exhausts are available in the same configuration as the FX Titanium series: 60RS Single, 70RS Single, 70RR Single, 60RS Dual, 70RS Dual. At roughly half the price, these are a great bargain considering they’re only 10 lbs heavier and more durable!

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