Ducati Bikes – Introduction

March 26, 2010 by Aaron in 1098S Tricolore, Motorcycles

Although Go Tuning Unlimited caters mostly to cars, I’m sure readers can appreciate appreciate the other side of motorsport and would mind seeing what a JDM fanboy would do to 2 wheels. A lot of people in the industry will understand when I say that although cars and aftermarket tuning are my passion, sometimes you just gotta have other hobbies so you don’t get sick at staring at cars all day. In addition to cars, photography, watches, and reef aquariums divert my attention away from the daily grind but unfortunately I’m such a pistonhead motorcycles are my other passion. Having owned and ridden bikes almost as long I could drive, I find myself riding them daily then tucking them away when the excitement wears off. It takes a new project to jump start my interest again and this one has certainly ignited that once again.

The 1098s immediately caught my eye when it was released and when the Tricolore model was announced with the magic words “Limited Edition”, that was it. With only 400 or so of these produced for the US (so I’ve read) in 2007, it’s one of those rare Ducati’s that are highly sought after amd hopefully worthwhile to collect. The Tricolore model differs from the standard 1098s with a standard 70mm Termignoni Full Race System, Forged Marchesini wheels, a gold frame, and of course the color pattern. Most would be happy enough with these extra additions but I see that as just head start for the build.

Being such a race oriented bike the 1098 is incredibly uncomfortable to ride on a daily basis and would simply be a waste of the sticky tires, engine power and mileage. To complement the 1098, the Ducati Monster fits the bill perfectly. The Monster 620 has lots of low end torque, comfortable riding position, soft clutch, and a nice cushy seat makes it easy and comfortable to ride around town . Simple mods such as an exhaust and upgraded brakes makes it the perfect daily commuter bike.

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