GT Design Porsche 997 Side Diffusers

March 30, 2010 by Aaron in GT Design

We’re proud to introduce the GT Design Porsche 997 Carbon Fiber Side Diffusers. Similar to custom side diffusers seen on Porsche Cup Cars, these side are a great aerodynamic and cosmetic addition to the side profile of any narrow body 997 Porsche. Based on aerodynamic theory, the side diffusers improve aerodynamic efficiency on the side of the car by smoothing out turbulent air generated by wider aftermarket wheels and tires and air coming out from underneath the car. The simple yet aggressive design will give the car a lower and wider look and line up with the outer edge of most aftermarket wheels for a matched appearance. The GT Design Side Diffusers were designed from scratch in-house from a blank slate specifically for the 997 body. They feature a shape contoured design to fit perfectly flush against the body for ease of alignment and installation without any measuring or guessing. The side diffusers install simply using one strip of double sided tape, used to prevent scratching the factory side skirt, and 3 small screws. Installation is completely reversible without leaving any visible damage behind. Use of factory jack points if retained and each side weighs 1 lbs.

GT Design side diffusers are manufactured in Southern California using the highest quality materials. They are produced using Hexcel certified carbon fiber for added strength and durability and zero shrink TP high solid resin molds that are autoclave grade rated to 485F. The finish is a high polished UV inhibiting gel coat that protects the carbon from damage due to sun exposure. The surface is smooth and solid unlike many cheap products produced overseas that have wavy/rippled porus panels that require much prep work and application of a clear-coat. Side diffusers come pre-drill for installation with stainless steel screws and pre-applied 3M double-sided tape.

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