CR-Z Cusco Suspension Install

September 10, 2010 by Aaron in Announcements, Daily Happenings

We got a chance to get our hands on a CR-Z and install some new products from Cusco.

Cusco Zero1 Coilovers:
Front Spring Rate: 6 kg/mm
Front Ride Height Adjustment: -45 – 0mm
Rear Spring Rate: 4 kg/mm
Rear Ride Height Adjustment: -45 – 0mm
Cusco Sport Zero1 coilovers are recommended for sporty or winding road driving. Sport Zero1 coilovers offer a comfortable ride while improving handling. Zero1 features fixed dampening force for a tuned and balanced ride. Optional 8-step adjustable rear dampening is available for adjusting driving feel when carrying additional luggage. The system is fully ride height adjustable for a wide range of height settings. Special anti-rust coating is applied to the height adjustment area for durability.

Cusco F&R Sway Bars:
Cusco’s non-adjustable sway bars provide excellent control of body roll. Solid type front sway bar with 20mm diameter provides a 35% increase over stock sway bar, includes mounting bushings. Solid, add-on type rear sway bar with 16mm diameter.

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