New ASM Parts Now In Stock

October 18, 2010 by Aaron in ASM

We keep selling out of some newly released ASM parts that we’ve been stocking since their release but I finally got a chance to take some pictures after our latest shipment came in.

ASM Tensioner & Idler Pulley – Designed to complement the popular TODA Lightweight Pulley Kit and complete the pulley set with matching Tensioner and Idler Pulleys.

ASM Racing Steering Boss – Machined aluminum construction with a dry carbon plate.

ASM Radiator Cooling Plate in Silver – ASM Popular Radiator Cooling Plate for the Mugen Intake is now available in a raw un-anodized silver finish.

ASM Throttle Body IS-09 – The ASM Throttle Body IS-09 is produced by TODA Racing exclusively for ASM using a new revised “R” shape design. The entrance is 70mm and tapers down to 65mm at the butterfly to match the intake manifold. The throttle body provides

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