ASM GT-10 Fuji Test

October 27, 2010 by Aaron in ASM

The GT-10 specification ASM Car No.1 visited Fuji Motor Speedway for a shakedown test of new components and settings. As usually Hiroki Kato was behind the wheel in poor cold and rainy conditions. The main test items were the following:

1. Front camber and lowered height check.
In previous runnings the front tire was making contact with the inner chassis so ride height had to be raised for clearance issues. After frame modifications a lower ride height and more camber was able to be achieved.

2. Detachable hood louver comparison test.
The test was inconclusive due to poor weathers conditions. However, there was not a significant different when the vent was removed.

3. Front inner fender shade change.
To more effectively remove air from the air outlet of the front fender, aluminum inner fenders were constructed. In addition, part of the duct was removed to compare performance. A performance benefit was achieved by doing this, removing the duct cover produced additional downforce.

4. Review of aerodynamic balance.
The poor weather conditions combined with the use of used RE-11 tires produced inconclusive results. Dry weather running with new tires will be required for a proper analysis of aero balance.

5. New engine.
For the first time running of the new engine, power was set at 298 hp. With the new TODA dry carbon induction box attached, the sound of the new engine is better.

Driver: Hiroki Kato
Chief Engineer: Sakagami (ASM)
Mechanic: Ooki (ASM), Maruta (ASM)
Engine: Yano (TODA Racing)

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