F1 Abu Dhabi 2010 Finale

November 18, 2010 by Aaron in Formula 1

Well, it’s all over. And what a season it’s been. I haven’t recapped every race this season but I have to at least comment on the finale at Abu Dhabi and the season as a whole. What a final race followed by Vettel’s controversial win in Brazil. Although I wished he’d let Webber by and take the win in Brazil to give him a better chance in Abu Dhabi, Vettel was in the right to scrape together every point possible judging by how the championship winners have won in the past couple seasons. It seemed like Alonso and Webber were both trying to run the safe race in a desperate attempt to win the championship while Vettel just flat out drove his ass off and jumped from third to first in the points. When I first watched this kid race in the USGP for BMW, it was clear he was going to be a future world champion if he played his cards right. As with all champions, it was a combination of right team at the right time. With Red Bull hiring Adrian Newey around the same time Vettel joined Torro Rosso, Vettel graduated to the senior team just in time as Newey’s car was starting to mature. It’s just too bad for Webber being part of the team since it’s Jaguar form that he might have just lost out on his best chance to win a championship title. It’s safe to say Alonso is probably the one of if not the fastest driver in the field but he blew his chance and become first loser this year. Looking back in the season, each one of the title contenders made a good amount of mistakes to decrease their chances of winning the title but this really was an eventful season with a nice clean fair finish. Until next year…

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