ASM RevSpeed Tsukuba Time Attack 2010: Preparations

December 8, 2010 by Aaron in ASM

ASM is preparing for this year’s RevSpeed Tsukuba Time Attack with a few improvements to the car from last year in hopes of getting closer to the 1 minute mark in the NA Open class with street tires. The most significant addition is the GT-10 I.S. Design Front Aero Bumper and GT-10 I.S. Design Aero Bonnet produced in Carbon MR. The new front aero is designed to provide additional downforce and reduce front end weight. Recent additions from the Fuji test are the addition of an additional side canard and a redesigned front fender vent for additional downforce improvements. Most importantly, the same Bridgestone RE-11 tires will be used this time in shaved form for more efficient performance and alignment was checked. Modifications to the wheel well have also solved the problem of the the front tires contacting the frame under full suspension compression. The carbon propeller shaft and lightweight single layer carbon hard top has been transplanted from the Tsukuba Special Car No.2 for further weight savings. The use of titanium bolts and hardware has been used throughout to further reduce overall weight. As a result of these and other weight saving modifications throughout the year, Car No.1 weighs in at 1061 kg (2339 lbs), 27 kg (59 lbs) lighter than last year and produces 303 hp with the recently over-hauled TODA motor.

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