AME TM-02 Tradition Wheels

February 2, 2011 by Aaron in Announcements

We just received some AME TM-02 Tradition wheels specifically designed for S2000 fitment. With the discontinuation of the popular Prodrive GC-07C wheels, there hasn’t been a wheel with proper front fitment for S2000’s that clears big brake kits until now. The AME TM-02 Tradition in 17×9+54 can be run non-staggered on S2000’s and have 5mm of clearance at the closest point of Stoptech calipers, plenty of space. 17×9+44 sizes are also available for those looking for more aggressive fitments. The face also has a nice curvature with color options of Gun Black and Hyper Silver to give it a very refined look. With the increasing cost of forged wheels, these are M.A.T. cast to keep costs down without sacrificing strength and rigidity. They wheels definitely meet the criteria for the track oriented S2000 owner.

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