Recaro ASM Limited Ruby Seats

March 28, 2011 by Aaron in ASM

We now have the Recaro ASM Limited Ruby Seats IN STOCK! These are exclusive only to ASM Japan and Go Tuning Unlimited and not sold anywhere else in the world. This means that the seats must be installed at either ASM Japan or Go Tuning Unlimited’s facilities and are not available for shipping or wholesale customers. The ASM Limited Ruby seats feature the Recaro Japan’s signature mesh fabric in the center which is durable, comfortable and very breathable for good temperature regulation. As with all ASM Limited seats, these feature the Red double stitching along the edges. Alcanatara is also used for the outer sections of the seat for enhanced grip and lined with EDEL red perforated leather for comfort where the seat may come in contact with your skin. The seats now feature a metallic silver Recaro logo with the same stitching color lining the ASM logo in the center of the seat.

Our first set of RS-G & SR-7 seats went into our customers track prepped 2006 S2000 using Recaro Japan seat rails for the driver’s side and Bride rails for the passenger side because Recaro Japan doesn’t offer seat rails for USDM AP2-200 models. The SR-7 ASM Limited Ruby passenger seat is a nice complement to the RS-G ASM Limited Ruby driver’s seat.

ASM has also teamed up with Recaro Japan to produce ASM Limited II side protectors that make a great addition to any Recaro bucket seat.

Recaro RS-G ASM Limited Ruby – $2800
Recaro SR-7 ASM Limited Ruby – $2800
Recaro Seat Side Protector ASM Limited II – $160

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