S2000 #2 Refresh

September 8, 2011 by Aaron in S2000 #2

We’ve had a spare S2000 that we’ve had sitting around the shop for a couple years now, it was purchased new by a close friend and he put 150,000 miles on it before the engine head gave out and he moved away so the car sat around for a couple years and we used it for reference and to test fit parts. Recently, I re-discovered the joys of driving a relative stock S2000 and started driving the car more and more. I forgot how the S2000 is when it’s just mildly tuned for the street without having to compromise for any track use. We have so many spare parts lying around we were able to basically rebuild it with all the parts we took off S2000 #1 and other parts we weren’t using. Nearly every component of S2000 #1 will be replaced with something upgraded so the entire subframe, drivetrain, engine, transmission, suspension was swapped over from our perfectly good S2000 #1 with 60,000 miles. The only original parts left on this car will be the frame and some of the body panels. The car was dropped off at our partner body shop, K&W Autobody, partially stipped, ready for some bodywork and new paint.

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