Year 4: S2000 #1 Project Car 2003

September 15, 2011 by Aaron in S2000 #1

After continuing to track regularly, most of parts going on the car were to help me go faster on track. I knew I needed a bucket seats but I didn’t have experience with any in the past and other peoples’ opinions are usually meaningless when it comes to seat preference so I narrowed it down to two I thought I would like; Mugen S1 or Recaro SPG. I didn’t know which to choose so I got both so I could have a good amount of seat time in each.

Since I was still running the OEM 16″ wheels at the track and had basically melted all the seals on my OEM calipers, I tried the Wilwood brake kit which was surprising good for the price. My stock shocks were also toast so some Koni’s went in for the time being.

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