Year 5: S2000 #1 Project Car 2004

September 16, 2011 by Aaron in S2000 #1

I knew I needed some downforce but since I still drove the car on the street I didn’t want a massive wing. I opted for the subtle approach and pick up a Axle Corp dry carbon rear diffuser. It was a great piece and definitely helped with rear end stability at speed. Other random parts went on the car that didn’t stay on the car long because they weren’t right for my setup or just absolute junk.

Since I was happy with the little 4pot Wilwood calipers, I though the 6pot would be better right? Wrong, not only did one of the bolts holding the caliper back out on it’s own and machine a notch in my wheel, the pedal feel was worse because there was so much flex in the caliper. The pads would come out tapered, indicating caliper flex.

Wilwood replaced the calipers but I just didn’t have any confidence in them so on went some Spoon Monobloc calipers. MUCH better.

For the suspension, I tried some cheap Buddy Club coilovers to replace the Koni & kg/mm setup I was using before and they were a little better simply because of the higher spring rate but it was definitely a low-end coilover that was just holding me over until I could get proper dampers. I also installed a Comptech co-axial front sway bar which was a huge increase over the stock one and it turned out to be just too big for a road course.

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