Scion FR-S by Greddy

December 11, 2011 by Aaron in Daily Happenings

I got a chance to take a close look at the super-hyped Scion FR-S at Greddy. The Scion concept car looked great but when the production car was introduced, it was definitely a let-down for me. However, ugly cars always look better in black so the FR-S Greddy had didn’t look too bad; especially with the giant 19″ wheels and lowered stance. But with 5×100 bolt pattern wheels, what was Toyota thinking if they were trying to create a “tuner friendly” car. However, the car will be introduced as a Scion with a budget friendly price tag and the interior really reflected this. It looked as econo as any sub-$20k Scion and not a nice place to be. Toyota was smart to hype this car a lot, especially in the aftermarket industry, without the hype, the car wouldn’t be anything special.

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