Greddy Go Tuning Unlimited 70mm Ti Single Development

January 26, 2012 by Aaron in Daily Happenings

There has been some discussion about the discontinuing of our Greddy Go Tuning Unlimited Spectrum Elite 70mm Single and the development of a replacement model. Since the SE 70mm Single was designed off of the SE 70mm Dual it wasn’t meant to be a single exhaust so it didn’t meet a lot of our expectations. So this time we started from scratch to design an exhaust that would meet our requirements. Our goals were to produce a lightweight and quiet 70mm single exhaust that makes good power with a non-aggressive style. The closest exhaust to this design would be the ASM 70mm single but due to rising exchange rates and production shortages, this exhaust has becoming increasing unavailable to people. We wanted to design something that had all the great features of the ASM but much more so we specified to Greddy every detail of the design starting with the internal layout and structure of the front and rear mufflers; the size, shape, and location of the mufflers; the layout of the piping; the exact location of each component; and the size, shape and design of the tip. We also wanted to retain the subtle Spectrum Elite “sport” look to it vs. something racy and aggressive. In the end, we developed an exhaust that was lightweight, quiet, produces good power, with a clean sporty look, all for about the same price (pricing TBA) as the ASM 70mm Stainless Single.

After several prototypes and some hiccups, we’re one step closer to production with the latest prototype that came in. Initial test are mostly positive so stay tuned for updates.

Current Specs:
70mm Titanium Single
93.5 dB at 5800rpm (stock is 92dB and SE Dual is 94dB)
Weighs ~15 lbs (final production weight may vary)
90mm Tip Diameter (SE Dual/Single 102mm Tip, ASM Single 80mm Tip)
Helmholz Resonator
Custom mufflers
Estimated 10hp gain
Estimated $2000 price point

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