S2000 #2 Maintenance and Essentials

January 29, 2013 by Aaron in S2000 #2, Spoon

After refreshing the exterior of the car, it’s time to move on to some maintenance and essential updates to get the car running in tip top shape.

We raided our shelves for the essential Spoon products for any S2000

A beneficial update to any AP1 is an AP2 transmission. The shorter secondary reduction gear, different ratios, and carbon synchro’s complement well with the AP1 motor.

While the transmission was off it was a good time to swap out the old Mugen Pressure Plate and Toda Flywheel for a new Spoon Clutch package consisting of a Spoon Pressure Plate, Spoon Clutch Disc, Spoon Flywheel, and Spoon Reinforced Release Bearing.

Removing the transmission also allows the oil pan to come off easier so it’s good time to add a Spoon Baffled Oil Pan.

While the oil pan is off, it’s a perfect opportunity to change out the oil jet bolts on this early model AP1 motor for the updated design.

Another preventative measure for early AP1 cars are AP2 retainers on an AP1 head. For that, the Toda valve spring changer is a great tool to have for this task.

While the engine and subframe are out, it’s a good time to install the Spoon Rigid Collar Kit. This is definitely an essential mod to any car considering how much it improves the overall rigidity of the car and how easy and relatively cheap it is.

With the subframe out, the steering rack is now much easier to access so it’s a good time to install some Spoon Front Zero Bump Steer Kit / Steering Rack Spacers to help correct the alignment and bump steer on a lowered car.

With all these Spoon parts on the car, why not top it all off with some dress-up parts.

  • Jesse
    January 30th, 2013 / 08:22 PST

    Great improvemens! can’t wait to see whats up next