S2000 #2 Spoon Suspension Bits

March 29, 2013 by Aaron in S2000 #2, Spoon

After doing some maintenance and essentials. It’s time for a few more Spoon items that are great additions to any S2000 build.

Completing the installation of the Spoon Rigid Collar Kit with the rear subframe. These greatly improves the overall chassis rigidity and suspension feel in the rear end.

Spoon Driveshaft Spacers are an essential mod for any lowered AP1 S2000. These help correct the driveshaft position on lowered cars to prevent premature wear of the bearing and CV joints. The one piece solid stainless steel design is much stronger than other companies that use 2-piece designs or makes them out of aluminum.

Another essential mod for any lowered S2000 is a set of Spoon Rear Control Arms. These correct the the to rear suspension geometry between the control arm and knuckle to prevent rear bump steer. The adjustable length also allows for better alignment settings to be achieved.

Coilovers are usually considered the most important or the only suspension piece needed for most people but they’re only a piece of the overall suspension package. The Spoon Full Spec Dampers is a great addition to the suspension package of a tracked or daily driven S2000. The corrosion and rust resistant surface offers great durability against the elements and the single-way adjustment allows for street comfort or race track settings. Ride height and pre-load is independently adjustable for a wide range of settings. Front springs are 14kg/mm and rear are 12kg/mm to provide sharp steering response and stable handling with either street or race tires.

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