Spoon S2000 Demo Car: Getting Started

May 14, 2013 by Aaron in Spoon S2000 Demo Car

We’re very excited to get started on our official Spoon S2000 Demo Car. We started with a clean low mileage 2002 AP1 S2000. We’ll be using this car for product testing, track testing, and exhibiting at car show and events. Customers will be able to see all the parts Spoon offers for the S2000 in person.

First thing we did was swap out the engine and tranny for some more power with the F22C. This also gives us a good opportunity to do a lot of upgrades while the engine and subframe are out.

One of the best upgrades to any S2000 is a lightweight Spoon Chromoly Flywheel especially on an AP2 with a heavier OEM flywheel. While we’re at it, a Spoon Clutch Disc and Spoon Clutch Cover go in along with a Spoon Release Bearing.

The cooling system is one of the easiest and most effective upgrades to any S2000. The Spoon Radiator Hoses, Spoon Thermostat, Spoon Fan Switch, and Spoon Radiator Cap allow the engine to run cool and efficient to allow it to produce the maximum amount of power possible. While the cooling system is upgrades, the water pump on this lightly used engine was replaced as a precautionary measure.

Dropping the engine out with the subframe also allows access and easy replacement for the front suspension components. First up is a set of Spoon Full Spec Dampers, one of best on the market. Aggressive for the street but great on track.

The removed subframe also allows for an extremely easy installation of the Spoon Front Zero Bump Steer Kit. These steering rack spacers correct the geometry of the front steering rods in order to reduce front bump steer on lowered cars.

Another beneficial suspension upgrade are the Spoon Front Offset Ball Joints that shift the camber range 2.5 degrees to allow more negative front camber. The stainless steel construction is the only one of its kind and far more durable than the aluminum ones from other manufacturers.

The exposed subframe mounting holes allow us to see how much bigger the opening is than the bolt that goes through it so a set of Spoon Rigid Collars fills in this gap to dramatically increase overall chassis rigidity.

There would be no better time to install the Spoon Engine and Transmission Mount Kit than while installing the new engine onto the subframe. The Spoon mounts are much stronger and more responsive using solid rubber instead of the weak fluid filled OEM mounts. The transmission bracket also reinforced with a gusset plate to prevent it from flexing from the increased rigidity of the mounts.

Topping it all off is a Spoon Oil Cap. It serves more than just a nice shiny piece under the hood. The plastic OEM oil cap is known to crack after years of high engine vibrations and drops little bits of plastic into the valvetrain damaging critical engine components.

Front assembly is ready to go back into the car.

All buttoned up and a great start to this build.

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