ASM S2000 CR Demo Car: Exterior Start

June 3, 2013 by Aaron in ASM, ASM S2000 CR Demo Car

In addition to our Spoon S2000 Demo Car we’re also building an ASM S2000 CR Demo Car this year. We’re excited to start it off with a couple exterior bits. The first thing we wanted to do was get the car on the ground with the correct wheel fitment so needed to start off with the ASM I.S. Design Front Fenders, ASM I.S. Design Rear Over Fenders, and ASM I.S. Design Front Bumper rolling on Volk Racing CE28 17×9+40 / 17×9.5+35 in Formula Silver.

We started with a clean low mileage S2000 CR.

First stage of parts laid out before installation.

Getting crowded having 3 project cars are one time. There are 4 great bumpers pictured here. S2000 CR, ASM I.S. Design Front Aero Bumper IS-11, Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper, and the ASM I.S. Design Front Aero Bumper -04 peeking in the background.

The Volk Racing CE28 17×9.5+35 has a nice concave face with a big lip.

To get started we dove right in and cut up the rear quarter panel of this nice S2000 CR

ASM I.S. Design Rear Over Fenders installed

Wheels fit nicely under the over fenders.

Front Fenders and Wheels mounted. These wheels fit nicely under the fenders and have good clearance with the Spoon Monobloc calipers.

Finished up this first phase with the front bumper.

ASM Front Bumpers are slightly lower than the factory bumper so all mounting hardware to secure the front undertray is included in the kit.

What we have so far. Lots more to come…

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