ASM S2000 CR Demo Car: Dry Carbon Update

July 22, 2013 by Aaron in ASM, ASM S2000 CR Demo Car

Before the car’s first time in public we added a couple bits to the exterior.

The addition of the ASM I.S. Design Dry Carbon Aero Bonnet and ASM I.S. Design Front Canards finish up the look of the front end.

In addition of the larger front lip of the ASM I.S. Design Front Aero Bumper IS-11, the addition of the canards further increases front end downforce.

The Dry Carbon ASM I.S. Design Aero Bonnet is one of the only hoods available for the S2000 that is actually lighter than the very light factory aluminum hood. Weighing in at 10.5lbs it’s about half the weight of the factory hood. The vent serves to draw hot air out from behind the radiator to decrease overall engine bay temps. The underside of the hood also features molded-in rain channels to catch and divert water entering the vent. The hump allows for use of a variety of intake options such as the Mugen Intake and the ASM Ram Air intake we’re currently using.

We’re using a special one-off Dry Carbon ASM GT-05 Rear Wing with a 2×1 race weave.

Full dry carbon components throughout.

The ASM GT-05 wing measures 1410mm wide, 60mm wider than the standard ASM Rear Wing

MRacing Type-1 side view mirrors provide a cleaner look.

CR side emblems remind us that we started off with an S2000 CR.

The addition of the rear wing and canards really improves the overall side profile of the car.

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