The Others from RevSpeed Tsukuba Time Attack 2009

April 8, 2010 by Aaron in Motorsports

Although the primary reason we were at Tsukuba Time Attack was to help and support the ASM team, we did have some time to walk the paddock and check out what the competition brought out.

The Voltex Cyber EVO driven by Tazan Yamada was able to break the 55″ mark with a time of 54″925, .3 sec faster than last year with some minor aero improvements.
The organizers might have to start enforcing ride height rules if everyone starts dragging bumpers like this!

Voltex was also showing off their street trim EvoX.

Tarzan was out in the Cusco/Tomei STi that was at the Redline Time Attack in Buttonwillow just a few weeks before. The Brembo magnesium-alloy calipers didn’t break a sweat at a short course like Tsukuba with the cool weather.

The all dry carbon Revolution FD3S was like looking at a SuperGT car and it managed a 55″915. It looks like this car was capable of much more with some development.

F360 on TE37’s, nice.

Nobuteru Taniguchi gets a Segway while Hiroki Kato has to make to with a mini-bike.

Random pictures from the event:

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Mercedes SLS GT3 – WOW!

March 24, 2010 by Aaron in Motorsports

I’m normally not a huge fan of Mercedes or the SLS but wow, the SLS in race trim sure as hell looks very good in an old school modern vintage racer kinda way. Thumbs up to Mercedes for building these for privateer racers! Not only does the car look nice, the composition and quality of these pictures are amazing. Mercedes is trying hard to make a mark of their own in the modern supercar arena without McLaren.

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