Spoon S2000 Demo Car: Progress

July 25, 2013 by Aaron in Spoon, Spoon S2000 Demo Car

We’re getting close to completing our Spoon S2000 Demo Car. Here’s the latest items that have gone on the car.

The pile of parts waiting to be installed

First up is the Spoon Aluminum Street Radiator. Constructed entirely from aluminum for increased durability and cooling efficiency.

The street designation means that it can be installed behind the factory A/C condenser and has all the the mounting locations for the factory fans. Spoon Type-F Radiator Cap is included.

Spoon 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold (Header).

Perfect welding and Spoon badging signify authenticity.

Spoon N1 Muffler Kit. Looks as good as it sounds.

To accommodate the Spoon S-Tai Rear Bumper we had to use the OEM JDM Reinforcement Bar and OEM JDM License Plate Bracket.

Spoon Monobloc Front Calipers and Spoon Front Rotors provide the ultimate stopping package. The Spoon calipers maintain factory pedal feel and ABS modulation with the ability to use factory sized pads and rotors. The rotors are cast with the holes instead of conventional cross drilling. This provides more strength and resistance to cracking over its life cycle all while reducing unsprung weight.

Spoon Rear Rotors are also cast with the holes instead of drilling to reduce unsprung weight, resist cracking, and increase cooling.

A set of Spoon Front and Rear Brake Pads provide better stopping power and fade resistance on and off the track.

The Spoon Brake Hose Kit completes the braking package for maximum braking efficiency.

A nice view of the Spoon Full Spec Dampers we installed earlier on.

To increase efficiency of the air coming into the engine we’re using a Spoon Venturi Throttle Body. The Spoon Throttle body has a tapered shape and increased butterfly opening to not only allow more air to enter but also sleep up the speed of the air entering the engine.

The Spoon Air Cleaner makes sure the engine receives a consistent supply of air.

The Spoon Carbon Plug Cover sheds a few grams and changes the look of the engine bay.

To better complement the Spoon Aluminum Radiator we’ve installed an ASM Radiator Overflow tank that also increases the coolant reservoir capacity. Behind it is the ASM Street Oil Catch tank to catch blow-by oil through the PCV system.

Currently we’ll be using a pair of Recaro RS-G ASM Limited Ruby seats with a set of matching Recaro Side Protector ASM Limited II.

Can’t forget the Spoon 6speed Duracon Shift Knob. The lightweight composite material provides accurate shifts and will not change temperatures.

Finally moving on the the exterior pieces we got back from paint. The Spoon Aero Mirrors mount to the factory location and feature a more aerodynamic shape.

The lens has a wide angle view with a blue tint to reduce glare. The mirrors also fold up like the factory mirrors to avoid damage when struck.

Rear quarters panels cut, inner fender bent out to meet outerpanel, then sealed. Ready for Spoon Rear Fender installation with maximum clearance.

Spoon Rear Wide Fenders installed.

Spoon Front Wide Fenders installed.

Spoon S-Tai Bonnet installed.

Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper installed.

Spoon Front Grill for the S-Tai Bumper.

Spoon S-Tai Rear Bumper and Spoon 3D GT Wing.

Spoon S-Tai Rear Diffuser.

All buttoned up.

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Spoon S2000 Demo Car: Exterior Peek

June 5, 2013 by Aaron in Spoon, Spoon S2000 Demo Car

A peek at the exterior parts of our Spoon S2000 Demo Car as get it ready to send to Tristar Autobody & Paint.

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ASM S2000 CR Demo Car: Suspension, Chassis Braces, and Other Bits

June 4, 2013 by Aaron in ASM, ASM S2000 CR Demo Car, Spoon

After getting started on the exterior of our ASM S2000 CR Demo Car we move on to the other parts of the car.

As always, we lay out the parts and plan out the installation procedure to make sure things are installed in an efficient order.

First we lower the front subframe. This allows for installation of a number of parts such as the Spoon Subframe Rigid Collars.

The lowered subframe also makes it easier to remove the steering rack bolts which need to be replaced to accommodate the longer bolts of the ASM Front Bump Steer Kit. At the same time, this gives us an opportunity to install the ASM Front Tower Bar GT -Short and the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT -Short. Both of which also require removing the steering rack bolts. The “-Short” denotation refers to versions of these bars that are specifically designed to accommodate the 20mm spacer that is installed below the steering rack. This picture is a great representation of how the whole system works together. The ASM Front Tower Bar GT connects to the rear bolts of the steering rack to the front shock towers while the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT connects the front bolts of the steering rack to the sway bar mounting point on the body. These two bars combined adds 4 additional points of triangulation between the body and the subframe. In addition to the rigid collars, the subframe feels as one with the rest of the car and suspension feel and response is dramatically improved.

The ASM Front Bump Steer Kit reduces front bump steer on lowered cars by spacing the steering rack up and back to correct the angle of the tie rod to the knuckle. You can also see the mounting point of the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT to the front bolts of the steering rack.

The ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT has 2 components to it. The first part reinforces the rear section of the front subframe to decrease flex in the open part of the subframe. The second part is the section that braces front steering rack mount on the subframe to the sway bar bracket attachment point on the body.

Moving on to the rear part of the steering rack, the ASM Front Tower Bar GT attaches to the shock towers and then down to the rear bolts of the steering rack. This further prevents subframe flex and ties crucial suspension points together for a very direct suspension feel.

Another item that can be addressed while installing the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT is the ASM Front Adjustable Stabilizer Bar since one of the mounting points is already removed. The ASM Front Adjustable Stabilizer Bar is designed to be close to factory spec but offers 3 steps of adjustment. Excessive body roll should be addressed with harder springs, not harder sway bars. ASM Stabilizer bars are designed for fine tuning the overall balance of the car with 3 steps of adjustment. You can also see the mounting position of the ASM Front Lower Arm Bar GT

We also have some Spoon bits to install up front. First up, a set of Spoon Full Spec Dampers with the standard 14kg/mm front springs. We’ve had great experience with these using them on all our Demo cars.

To increase the camber range of the front suspension we use Spoon Offset Ball Joints which are made of stainless steel instead of aluminum. These increase the amount of negative camber range by 2.5 degrees.

Can’t forget a set of Spoon Monobloc Calipers. These rotors have taking a beating on track but that’s the great thing about Spoon calipers, OEM sized rotors are used so replacements are cheap and readily available.

Here we can see many of the components how they all interact with each other in one shot.

Moving on to the rear end we finish up the rigid collar installation with the rear subframe.

Then the rear coilovers of the Spoon Full Spec Damper Kit with the standard 12kg/mm springs.

To reduce rear bumper steer and allow for independent camber and toe adjustment we installed a set of Spoon Rear Control Arms. These are made of stainless steel for maximum durability and strength unlike most aftermarket manufacturers who use aluminum.

The ASM Rear Stabilizer Bar completes the set to allow for fine tuning of balance.

The Spoon Rear Cross Beam Bar replaces the weak factory one.

Tying the front and rear subframes together for an additional point of reinforcement we installed the ASM Floor Ladder Bars. These attach rear most attachment point of the front subframe to the forward most attachment point of the rear subframe.

When the ASM Floor Ladder Bar is used in conjunction with the Front Lower Arm Bar GT, the Front Ladder Bar GT is required due to clearance issues.

A view of the all the front components installed.

All the rear components installed.

Moving on to the engine bay we installed the iconic Spoon Yellow Valve Cover.

Topped with a Spoon Carbon Kevlar Plug Cover.

Can’t forget the Spoon Oil Cap and Spoon Radiator Cap.

The ASM Oil Filter Bracket prevents the oil filter from coming loose during racing conditions.

An ASM Steet Oil Catch Tank catches blow-by oil through the PCV systems. This keeps the intake manifold and valves clean from blow-by oil buildup over time. On the race track, the catch tank catches a significant amount of oil.

For increased durability and capacity, we installed an ASM Radiator Overflow Tank.

The most eye-catching part of the engine bay is the ASM Ram Air Cleaner. Jointly developed by GruppeM, the ASM Ram Air Cleaner provdes fresh air from the grill area and has a ram air effect to force air into the air filter creating more power at speed. The large section after the filter provides a large volume of air on tap in front of the throttle body for a strong initial throttle response. A beautiful carbon finish and smooth internals tops it all off.

The front radiator support is closed with the ASM Radiator Plate for the ASM Intake.

So we don’t have lay the factory hood prop on the intake system, we installed a set of GReddy Hood Lifters.

That’s it for this stage. More to come of course…

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Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper Examined

April 29, 2013 by Aaron in Products, Spoon

The Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper is the culmination of years of experience with Super Taikyu endurance racing and other forms of motorsport. It’s design is inspired by many functional features that are required in racing. Taking a closer look at the Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper for the S2000 allows us to see what separates this bumper from other S2000 front bumpers and how replicas can’t compare.

The most obvious features over a factory bumper are the brake and intake ducts. The brake ducts allow for connection to a tube that can provide cooling for the brake system. Maintaining a constant working temperature is essential in the durability of the braking system during endurance racing. The air intake duct provides an opening to connect the optional Spoon Fresh Air Intake Duct to supply fresh cold air to the intake box. Fresh cold air allows the engine to continue running strong during the entire length of a race.

The bumper is longer than the factory front bumper to increase front end downforce. However, the height is the same to retain sufficient ground clearance. The curvature of the bottom section channels air cleanly around the front bumper in order to decrease drag.

Included are large bright driving lights that are a necessity during the late night stages of an endurance race and can dramatically increase the road illumination for any driving condition road or track. The lights are covered by a durable polycarbonate lens to protect from cracking and maintain the aerodynamics of the front bumper.

The lights are mounted to the bumper with a weather sealed housing that allow for angle adjustment of the beam to fine tune for any situation. Also included is a complete wiring kit with it’s own fuse and and weather sealed connectors for quick and easy bumper removals. The wiring kit also features a wireless remote switch so wires into the cabin aren’t required and the switch can be mounted anywhere the driver prefers.

Another prominent feature of the exterior is the venting duct on the side of the bumper. The venting duct allow for hot air from the engine and radiator that’s trapped in the bumper to be drawn and ducted out to prevent heat soak of the front end.

Something very few aftermarket bumpers retain is the ability to use the factory tow hook instead of requiring an expensive aftermarket solutions. The shape and location of the cutout allows the use of the factory tow hook cover and tow hook for convenience and ease of use.

Often the most overlooked part of what makes this bumper special is the also the most important. Included with the Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper is a full carbon fiber removable undertray with a honeycomb reinforcement. The addition of the undertray speeds up and diffuses the air underneath the front bumper to increase front end downforce without adding any drag. The undertray is made of full carbon fiber for maximum weight savings. It’s not simply one layer of carbon fiber laid on top of fiberglass for aesthetics like other aftermarket bumpers. The undertray is bolted to the rest of the bumper and removable for ease of access to the underside of the car when mounted or removal during paint. The 2-piece construction is also important in preventing a location for the cracks to occur if something is hit. Other aftermarket bumpers that feature a molded undertray almost always crack at the seam where the bottom section is bonded to the rest of the bumper. The undertray also features bent edges and a honeycomb reinforcement panel to increase strength and prevent sagging and deflection at speed. Maintaining a stable structure is important in providing a reliable and consistent aerodynamic benefit.

Looking at the back side of the bumper you can see the center section is extended longer to provide a duct to the radiator for more efficient cooling from the air that enters the front of the bumper. And of course the Spoon badge is molded into the bumper and serial numbered for authenticity.

Lastly, for proper street use, holes and a license plate bracket are included for mounting of a front license plate.

Optional accessories for the Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper are the Front Grill and Fresh Air Duct. The Front Grill protects large road debris from entering the radiator area and damaging the vital cooling system. The fresh air duct is specifically designed to channel cold air in from the bumper cutout into the factory airbox. This carbon kevlar duct requires the use of the Spoon S-Tai Bonnet or cutting the factory hood to make space for the increased duct size.

The optional front grill is a piece that also requires a closer look see how it differ from most other generic front grills; it’s not simply a chicken wire mesh that’s cut to shape. The Spoon Front Grill is made entirely of aluminum so it won’t corrode, rust, or chip. It’s curved and contoured to fit the shape of the Spoon S-Tai front bumper using an aluminum roundbar frame. The aluminum mesh grill is then welded onto the frame at each contact point so it can better retain it’s overall shape over time.

For more information and pricing:
Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper – S2000 AP1/2
Spoon Front Grill for S-Tai Front Bumper
Spoon Fresh Air Duct for S-Tai Front Bumper

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S2000 #2 Spoon Suspension Bits

March 29, 2013 by Aaron in S2000 #2, Spoon

After doing some maintenance and essentials. It’s time for a few more Spoon items that are great additions to any S2000 build.

Completing the installation of the Spoon Rigid Collar Kit with the rear subframe. These greatly improves the overall chassis rigidity and suspension feel in the rear end.

Spoon Driveshaft Spacers are an essential mod for any lowered AP1 S2000. These help correct the driveshaft position on lowered cars to prevent premature wear of the bearing and CV joints. The one piece solid stainless steel design is much stronger than other companies that use 2-piece designs or makes them out of aluminum.

Another essential mod for any lowered S2000 is a set of Spoon Rear Control Arms. These correct the the to rear suspension geometry between the control arm and knuckle to prevent rear bump steer. The adjustable length also allows for better alignment settings to be achieved.

Coilovers are usually considered the most important or the only suspension piece needed for most people but they’re only a piece of the overall suspension package. The Spoon Full Spec Dampers is a great addition to the suspension package of a tracked or daily driven S2000. The corrosion and rust resistant surface offers great durability against the elements and the single-way adjustment allows for street comfort or race track settings. Ride height and pre-load is independently adjustable for a wide range of settings. Front springs are 14kg/mm and rear are 12kg/mm to provide sharp steering response and stable handling with either street or race tires.

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S2000 #2 Maintenance and Essentials

January 29, 2013 by Aaron in S2000 #2, Spoon

After refreshing the exterior of the car, it’s time to move on to some maintenance and essential updates to get the car running in tip top shape.

We raided our shelves for the essential Spoon products for any S2000

A beneficial update to any AP1 is an AP2 transmission. The shorter secondary reduction gear, different ratios, and carbon synchro’s complement well with the AP1 motor.

While the transmission was off it was a good time to swap out the old Mugen Pressure Plate and Toda Flywheel for a new Spoon Clutch package consisting of a Spoon Pressure Plate, Spoon Clutch Disc, Spoon Flywheel, and Spoon Reinforced Release Bearing.

Removing the transmission also allows the oil pan to come off easier so it’s good time to add a Spoon Baffled Oil Pan.

While the oil pan is off, it’s a perfect opportunity to change out the oil jet bolts on this early model AP1 motor for the updated design.

Another preventative measure for early AP1 cars are AP2 retainers on an AP1 head. For that, the Toda valve spring changer is a great tool to have for this task.

While the engine and subframe are out, it’s a good time to install the Spoon Rigid Collar Kit. This is definitely an essential mod to any car considering how much it improves the overall rigidity of the car and how easy and relatively cheap it is.

With the subframe out, the steering rack is now much easier to access so it’s a good time to install some Spoon Front Zero Bump Steer Kit / Steering Rack Spacers to help correct the alignment and bump steer on a lowered car.

With all these Spoon parts on the car, why not top it all off with some dress-up parts.

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  • Jesse
    January 30th, 2013 / 08:22 PST

    Great improvemens! can’t wait to see whats up next

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Spoon CR93 Wheel on CR-Z

November 9, 2011 by Aaron in Spoon

Basis Sport Tuning Tony came by with his CR-Z on Spoon CR93 17×8.5+53 x4 wheels. The front is probably the maximum wheel size that can fit without hitting the inner strut or rubbing the fenders. It definitely gives the CR-Z a nice stance.

Spoon CR93 Wheels

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Spoon Rigid Collars

March 10, 2011 by Aaron in Spoon
YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a great video describing the effectiveness of the Spoon Subframe Rigid Collars. We have these in stock! The same theory applies for the Spoon Steering Rack Rigid Collars.

Spoon Rigid Collars

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Spoon New Version S2000 Air Filter

November 13, 2010 by Aaron in Spoon

Spoon has just released as new version of it’s drop-in air filter. It is now made of a urethane material with greater efficiency over the OEM paper material and old version foam material.

Taking orders now!

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