Year 5: S2000 #1 Project Car 2004

September 16, 2011 by Aaron in S2000 #1

I knew I needed some downforce but since I still drove the car on the street I didn’t want a massive wing. I opted for the subtle approach and pick up a Axle Corp dry carbon rear diffuser. It was a great piece and definitely helped with rear end stability at speed. Other random parts went on the car that didn’t stay on the car long because they weren’t right for my setup or just absolute junk.

Since I was happy with the little 4pot Wilwood calipers, I though the 6pot would be better right? Wrong, not only did one of the bolts holding the caliper back out on it’s own and machine a notch in my wheel, the pedal feel was worse because there was so much flex in the caliper. The pads would come out tapered, indicating caliper flex.

Wilwood replaced the calipers but I just didn’t have any confidence in them so on went some Spoon Monobloc calipers. MUCH better.

For the suspension, I tried some cheap Buddy Club coilovers to replace the Koni & kg/mm setup I was using before and they were a little better simply because of the higher spring rate but it was definitely a low-end coilover that was just holding me over until I could get proper dampers. I also installed a Comptech co-axial front sway bar which was a huge increase over the stock one and it turned out to be just too big for a road course.

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Year 4: S2000 #1 Project Car 2003

September 15, 2011 by Aaron in S2000 #1

After continuing to track regularly, most of parts going on the car were to help me go faster on track. I knew I needed a bucket seats but I didn’t have experience with any in the past and other peoples’ opinions are usually meaningless when it comes to seat preference so I narrowed it down to two I thought I would like; Mugen S1 or Recaro SPG. I didn’t know which to choose so I got both so I could have a good amount of seat time in each.

Since I was still running the OEM 16″ wheels at the track and had basically melted all the seals on my OEM calipers, I tried the Wilwood brake kit which was surprising good for the price. My stock shocks were also toast so some Koni’s went in for the time being.

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Year 3: JDM Bug – S2000 #1 Project Car 2002

June 21, 2010 by Aaron in S2000 #1

The JDM Bug bit hard in 2002 with the discovery of the glory of all things JDM. The mod list started growing out of control but the big ones came in the form of a Gears Front Lip, Mugen Exhaust, Mugen Header, Mugen Intake, and a couple of other things. Back when car audio was still in fashion, I had built a removable amp/crossover rack with most of the audio components mounted to it so it could be taken out when I went to the track.

With over 10 track days under my belt and my first trip to Laguna Seca, I quickly outgrew many “mild” aftermarket parts on the car and had some tough lessons.

Lesson 1: When the S2000 fuel gauge says 1/4 on track, it really means, you ain’t gonna make it to the gas station 10 miles away. (The picture is of me waiting on the side of the road for someone to get me some fuel.)

Lesson 2: “Performance” pads are only means they’re only good for your first track day where you haven’t learned to properly brake yet. On my 2nd track event, I learned the art of threshold braking only to discover that the “performance” pads I was using couldn’t keep up with that. They ended up crumbling and falling apart leaving me braking with the backing plate only.

Lesson 3: The dirt on the outside of turn 8b at Laguna Seca is surprisingly soft.

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Year 2: Humble Beginnings – S2000 Spec-A Project Car 2000-2001

March 23, 2010 by Aaron in S2000 #1

The car remained stock for just over a year before I got bit by the modding bug again. I had only intended to add some mild additions so some rare discontinued SSR GP-0 Decolte Evolution and Neuspeed Springs with Koni Shocks made it on the car. That was enough for me at the time.

We also saw the rise of local community car meets and events such as S2000 Megameet 1.

I was also encouraged to try autocrossing after which I was hooked. Later that year I attended my first track event, which were scarce at the time, and the rest is history.

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Year 1: Introduction – S2000 Spec-A Project Car 1999

March 12, 2010 by Aaron in S2000 #1

This car was purchased new from the dealership is November 1999, and yes I paid a mark-up. This car replaced a highly modified turbocharged 97 Gen-5 Honda Prelude with the intention of not modifying it, but as many know, that plan didn’t last long. I’ll touch briefly on the progression and build mentality of this car in future posts. This car did more than inspire the start of a company but also changed my whole way of thinking about car tuning.

Pic taken circa early-2000. (excuse the cruelty of the image, this was pre-digital camera times)

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  • Jay Villavicencio
    March 30th, 2010 / 20:43 PST

    Any pictures of the 97 Prelude LOL!

    Love the website layout, Aaron!

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