S2000 #2 Exterior Update

February 7, 2014 by Aaron in ASM, S2000 #2

We finally got around to finishing up the exterior of our S2000 #2 Demo Car

The current modification list includes:
Spoon Baffled Oil Pan
Spoon Valve Cover
Spoon Carbon Plug Cover
Spoon Oil Cap
Spoon Magnetic Oil Drain Bolt
Spoon Thermostat
Spoon Fan Switch
Spoon Aluminum Radiator
Spoon Radiator Cap
Spoon Radiator Hose
Spoon Exhaust Manifold
AP2 CR Exhaust
AP2 Retainers
Mugen V1 Intake
GOTO Garage Titanium Radiator Plate
Carbing Oil Catch Tank

AP2 Transmission
Spoon Flywheel
Spoon Clutch Disc
Spoon Pressure Plate
Spoon Release Bearing
Spoon 4.44 Final Drive
Spoon Driveshaft Spacers
Spoon Direct Shift Lever

Spoon Full Spec Dampers
Spoon Zero Bump Steer Kit
Spoon Rigid Collars
Spoon Front Strut Bar
Spoon Rear Control Arm

Wheel & Brakes
Volk Racing G25 Prism Dark Silver 18×8.5+52
Yokohama Advan AD08R 255/35-18
Stoptech Trophy Big Brake Kit
Stoptech Rear Rotors
Endless Brake Pads
Spoon Brake Pedal Box

Mineral White Metallic Paint
ASM I.S. Design Front Aero Bumper -04 FRP
ASM I.S. Design Front Lip Spoiler -07 Wet Carbon
ASM I.S. Design Rear Aero Bumper -04
ASM I.S. Design Side Aero Spoiler -07 Wet Carbon
ASM I.S. Design Ducktail Spoiler FRP
Mugen Dry Carbon Hardtop

Mugen S1 Seats
Mugen Seat Rails

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S2000 #2 Spoon Suspension Bits

March 29, 2013 by Aaron in S2000 #2, Spoon

After doing some maintenance and essentials. It’s time for a few more Spoon items that are great additions to any S2000 build.

Completing the installation of the Spoon Rigid Collar Kit with the rear subframe. These greatly improves the overall chassis rigidity and suspension feel in the rear end.

Spoon Driveshaft Spacers are an essential mod for any lowered AP1 S2000. These help correct the driveshaft position on lowered cars to prevent premature wear of the bearing and CV joints. The one piece solid stainless steel design is much stronger than other companies that use 2-piece designs or makes them out of aluminum.

Another essential mod for any lowered S2000 is a set of Spoon Rear Control Arms. These correct the the to rear suspension geometry between the control arm and knuckle to prevent rear bump steer. The adjustable length also allows for better alignment settings to be achieved.

Coilovers are usually considered the most important or the only suspension piece needed for most people but they’re only a piece of the overall suspension package. The Spoon Full Spec Dampers is a great addition to the suspension package of a tracked or daily driven S2000. The corrosion and rust resistant surface offers great durability against the elements and the single-way adjustment allows for street comfort or race track settings. Ride height and pre-load is independently adjustable for a wide range of settings. Front springs are 14kg/mm and rear are 12kg/mm to provide sharp steering response and stable handling with either street or race tires.

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S2000 #2 Maintenance and Essentials

January 29, 2013 by Aaron in S2000 #2, Spoon

After refreshing the exterior of the car, it’s time to move on to some maintenance and essential updates to get the car running in tip top shape.

We raided our shelves for the essential Spoon products for any S2000

A beneficial update to any AP1 is an AP2 transmission. The shorter secondary reduction gear, different ratios, and carbon synchro’s complement well with the AP1 motor.

While the transmission was off it was a good time to swap out the old Mugen Pressure Plate and Toda Flywheel for a new Spoon Clutch package consisting of a Spoon Pressure Plate, Spoon Clutch Disc, Spoon Flywheel, and Spoon Reinforced Release Bearing.

Removing the transmission also allows the oil pan to come off easier so it’s good time to add a Spoon Baffled Oil Pan.

While the oil pan is off, it’s a perfect opportunity to change out the oil jet bolts on this early model AP1 motor for the updated design.

Another preventative measure for early AP1 cars are AP2 retainers on an AP1 head. For that, the Toda valve spring changer is a great tool to have for this task.

While the engine and subframe are out, it’s a good time to install the Spoon Rigid Collar Kit. This is definitely an essential mod to any car considering how much it improves the overall rigidity of the car and how easy and relatively cheap it is.

With the subframe out, the steering rack is now much easier to access so it’s a good time to install some Spoon Front Zero Bump Steer Kit / Steering Rack Spacers to help correct the alignment and bump steer on a lowered car.

With all these Spoon parts on the car, why not top it all off with some dress-up parts.

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  • Jesse
    January 30th, 2013 / 08:22 PST

    Great improvemens! can’t wait to see whats up next

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S2000 #2

December 23, 2011 by Aaron in ASM, S2000 #2

Here are a couple more shots of our S2000 #2. There’s still lots of parts that need to go on the car so this is how it sits for now.

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  • milipowerpack
    January 4th, 2012 / 12:42 PST

    read.|I’ve already bookmark this article and will definitely refer this article to all my close friends and colleagues. Thanks for posting!|Great article, i

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S2000 #2 Sneak Peek

December 20, 2011 by Aaron in S2000 #2

While our main S2000 #1 demo car is still under indefinite construction we decided to repaint our S2000 #2 test car that we had sitting around and throw on some spare parts we weren’t using. We mainly use this car to test fit parts and take measurements so it will be a very mild build, our other S2000 #1 will get all the good stuff. Here’s just a teaser pic, better pics to come when the car gets cleaned up.

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S2000 #2 Refresh

September 8, 2011 by Aaron in S2000 #2

We’ve had a spare S2000 that we’ve had sitting around the shop for a couple years now, it was purchased new by a close friend and he put 150,000 miles on it before the engine head gave out and he moved away so the car sat around for a couple years and we used it for reference and to test fit parts. Recently, I re-discovered the joys of driving a relative stock S2000 and started driving the car more and more. I forgot how the S2000 is when it’s just mildly tuned for the street without having to compromise for any track use. We have so many spare parts lying around we were able to basically rebuild it with all the parts we took off S2000 #1 and other parts we weren’t using. Nearly every component of S2000 #1 will be replaced with something upgraded so the entire subframe, drivetrain, engine, transmission, suspension was swapped over from our perfectly good S2000 #1 with 60,000 miles. The only original parts left on this car will be the frame and some of the body panels. The car was dropped off at our partner body shop, K&W Autobody, partially stipped, ready for some bodywork and new paint.

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TODA Racing F20C/K20A Valve Spring Easy Changer

July 9, 2010 by Aaron in Daily Happenings, S2000 #2

To replace the damaged valve spring retainer on our S2000 #2 demo car, we will be using theTODA Valve Spring Easy Changer. Changing the F20C retainer to F22C retainers are a must for any AP1 owner. The AP1 retainers are known to fail very often. TODA’s Valve Spring Easy Changer allows replacement of the valve springs and retainers without removable of the head. This minimizes the risk of warping the head during removal and requiring a re-deck of the head surface.

TODA Valve Spring Easy Changer

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AP1 Retainers Suck

June 14, 2010 by Aaron in Daily Happenings, S2000 #2

While doing a valve adjustment on our S2000 #2 demo car we found a cracked intake valve retainer on cylinder 4. These AP1 retainers should’ve been changed to AP2 retainers as a preventative measure but not we have to go fishing for the piece that fell off. Now to swap out for another spare engine and tear this one down. Word of advice for AP1 S2000 owners, CHANGE YOUR RETAINERS! They’re probably already cracked of will crack soon.

This just give us excuses to buy more tools. Hopefully Mr. Snap-On tools tells us the valves aren’t bent.

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Go Tuning S2000 #2 Update

June 1, 2010 by Aaron in Daily Happenings, S2000 #2

When we installed the Hyperco springs on the street car we decided to lower the car a little more so some J’s Racing Driveshaft Spacers are a must on the AP1 to prevent premature wear of the bearings. While we were at it we installed a spare Mugen exhaust we had lying around.

Hyperco Springs on Mugen NZ Coilovers

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Hyperco Springs on Mugen NZ Coilovers

May 28, 2010 by Aaron in Daily Happenings, S2000 #2

We decided to swap out the Swift springs that we were testing with the our spring of choice for our Moton and replacement applications on the street demo car. By the recommendation of ASM, we have been recommending Hyperco springs and using them exclusively for all our cars and outfitting our Moton customers with them. Hyperco springs offer a smoother and more consistent ride than other springs we’ve tested. The lifetime warranty also guarantees the springs will not sag over time.

While we were at it, the original rubber inserts in the top hats were swapped out with hardened rubber inserts to decrease play in the spring seat for a more precise response of the spring.

Installed and ready to go!

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  • GoTuning Blog » Blog Archive » Go Tuning S2000 #2 Update
    June 1st, 2010 / 12:55 PST

    […] wear of the bearings. While we were at it we installed a spare Mugen exhaust we had lying around. Hyperco Springs on Mugen NZ Coilovers No comment so […]

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