GoTuning Blog Go Tuning Unlimited Blog Fri, 07 Feb 2014 19:52:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 S2000 #2 Exterior Update Fri, 07 Feb 2014 19:52:57 +0000 We finally got around to finishing up the exterior of our S2000 #2 Demo Car

The current modification list includes:
Spoon Baffled Oil Pan
Spoon Valve Cover
Spoon Carbon Plug Cover
Spoon Oil Cap
Spoon Magnetic Oil Drain Bolt
Spoon Thermostat
Spoon Fan Switch
Spoon Aluminum Radiator
Spoon Radiator Cap
Spoon Radiator Hose
Spoon Exhaust Manifold
AP2 CR Exhaust
AP2 Retainers
Mugen V1 Intake
GOTO Garage Titanium Radiator Plate
Carbing Oil Catch Tank

AP2 Transmission
Spoon Flywheel
Spoon Clutch Disc
Spoon Pressure Plate
Spoon Release Bearing
Spoon 4.44 Final Drive
Spoon Driveshaft Spacers
Spoon Direct Shift Lever

Spoon Full Spec Dampers
Spoon Zero Bump Steer Kit
Spoon Rigid Collars
Spoon Front Strut Bar
Spoon Rear Control Arm

Wheel & Brakes
Volk Racing G25 Prism Dark Silver 18×8.5+52
Yokohama Advan AD08R 255/35-18
Stoptech Trophy Big Brake Kit
Stoptech Rear Rotors
Endless Brake Pads
Spoon Brake Pedal Box

Mineral White Metallic Paint
ASM I.S. Design Front Aero Bumper -04 FRP
ASM I.S. Design Front Lip Spoiler -07 Wet Carbon
ASM I.S. Design Rear Aero Bumper -04
ASM I.S. Design Side Aero Spoiler -07 Wet Carbon
ASM I.S. Design Ducktail Spoiler FRP
Mugen Dry Carbon Hardtop

Mugen S1 Seats
Mugen Seat Rails

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Spoon S2000 Demo Car: Buttoned Up Thu, 01 Aug 2013 23:08:37 +0000 We finally got around to taking some pictures of our Spoon S2000 demo car after all the parts were installed. Here are some shots with our temporary wheels.

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Spoon S2000 Demo Car: Progress Thu, 25 Jul 2013 18:44:53 +0000 We’re getting close to completing our Spoon S2000 Demo Car. Here’s the latest items that have gone on the car.

The pile of parts waiting to be installed

First up is the Spoon Aluminum Street Radiator. Constructed entirely from aluminum for increased durability and cooling efficiency.

The street designation means that it can be installed behind the factory A/C condenser and has all the the mounting locations for the factory fans. Spoon Type-F Radiator Cap is included.

Spoon 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold (Header).

Perfect welding and Spoon badging signify authenticity.

Spoon N1 Muffler Kit. Looks as good as it sounds.

To accommodate the Spoon S-Tai Rear Bumper we had to use the OEM JDM Reinforcement Bar and OEM JDM License Plate Bracket.

Spoon Monobloc Front Calipers and Spoon Front Rotors provide the ultimate stopping package. The Spoon calipers maintain factory pedal feel and ABS modulation with the ability to use factory sized pads and rotors. The rotors are cast with the holes instead of conventional cross drilling. This provides more strength and resistance to cracking over its life cycle all while reducing unsprung weight.

Spoon Rear Rotors are also cast with the holes instead of drilling to reduce unsprung weight, resist cracking, and increase cooling.

A set of Spoon Front and Rear Brake Pads provide better stopping power and fade resistance on and off the track.

The Spoon Brake Hose Kit completes the braking package for maximum braking efficiency.

A nice view of the Spoon Full Spec Dampers we installed earlier on.

To increase efficiency of the air coming into the engine we’re using a Spoon Venturi Throttle Body. The Spoon Throttle body has a tapered shape and increased butterfly opening to not only allow more air to enter but also sleep up the speed of the air entering the engine.

The Spoon Air Cleaner makes sure the engine receives a consistent supply of air.

The Spoon Carbon Plug Cover sheds a few grams and changes the look of the engine bay.

To better complement the Spoon Aluminum Radiator we’ve installed an ASM Radiator Overflow tank that also increases the coolant reservoir capacity. Behind it is the ASM Street Oil Catch tank to catch blow-by oil through the PCV system.

Currently we’ll be using a pair of Recaro RS-G ASM Limited Ruby seats with a set of matching Recaro Side Protector ASM Limited II.

Can’t forget the Spoon 6speed Duracon Shift Knob. The lightweight composite material provides accurate shifts and will not change temperatures.

Finally moving on the the exterior pieces we got back from paint. The Spoon Aero Mirrors mount to the factory location and feature a more aerodynamic shape.

The lens has a wide angle view with a blue tint to reduce glare. The mirrors also fold up like the factory mirrors to avoid damage when struck.

Rear quarters panels cut, inner fender bent out to meet outerpanel, then sealed. Ready for Spoon Rear Fender installation with maximum clearance.

Spoon Rear Wide Fenders installed.

Spoon Front Wide Fenders installed.

Spoon S-Tai Bonnet installed.

Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper installed.

Spoon Front Grill for the S-Tai Bumper.

Spoon S-Tai Rear Bumper and Spoon 3D GT Wing.

Spoon S-Tai Rear Diffuser.

All buttoned up.

ASM S2000 CR Demo Car: Dry Carbon Update Mon, 22 Jul 2013 20:00:17 +0000 Before the car’s first time in public we added a couple bits to the exterior.

The addition of the ASM I.S. Design Dry Carbon Aero Bonnet and ASM I.S. Design Front Canards finish up the look of the front end.

In addition of the larger front lip of the ASM I.S. Design Front Aero Bumper IS-11, the addition of the canards further increases front end downforce.

The Dry Carbon ASM I.S. Design Aero Bonnet is one of the only hoods available for the S2000 that is actually lighter than the very light factory aluminum hood. Weighing in at 10.5lbs it’s about half the weight of the factory hood. The vent serves to draw hot air out from behind the radiator to decrease overall engine bay temps. The underside of the hood also features molded-in rain channels to catch and divert water entering the vent. The hump allows for use of a variety of intake options such as the Mugen Intake and the ASM Ram Air intake we’re currently using.

We’re using a special one-off Dry Carbon ASM GT-05 Rear Wing with a 2×1 race weave.

Full dry carbon components throughout.

The ASM GT-05 wing measures 1410mm wide, 60mm wider than the standard ASM Rear Wing

MRacing Type-1 side view mirrors provide a cleaner look.

CR side emblems remind us that we started off with an S2000 CR.

The addition of the rear wing and canards really improves the overall side profile of the car.

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